Ingrid Kent


Ingrid is a certified makeup, spray tan, and hair artist in Minneapolis. When she is not busy on set working with local and national retailers, you can find her in her cozy little Minnetonka studio giving people beautiful organic spray tans. One of her favorite things about her job is being able to watch the transformation that even the smallest enhancements can make. She is passionate about bringing out the natural beauty in every person she helps.

Ingrid loves passing on “little pearls” and tips to the models and talent she works with. She gets to use and experiment with so many products and so many different faces that it is really fun for her to educate people on what products and trends work and which do not. There are so many simple tricks that the everyday woman and man can use to put their best foot forward effortlessly. For those who don’t find themselves in her chair for a job, she also offers this service in the form of a customized makeup lesson for everyone. She answers all your burning makeup questions and can teach you how to create a look for a special event or for every day. She shows you how to use what you already have and helps guide you in what to buy if you are missing some key items. In addition to teaching adults, she loves teaching young ladies “Makeup 101” where she teaches them the proper tips and techniques as they begin they makeup journey. It makes a wonderful gift!

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