The idea for Haven Beauty Collective grew out of our desire for something simple: to create space for our customers to come as they are, and leave feeling better.

Combined, we have decades of experience in the beauty industry. We know that getting beauty services puts people in a vulnerable place, and we are so grateful to be entrusted with this responsibility. Our team takes the time to understand the sensitivities of our guests, and use it as a reason to shower them with compassion and kindness. It's embedded in the culture of our salon. We consciously bring on team members who share this vision and mentality. We're putting the Nice back into Minnesota Nice, if you will, and we reflect the diversity of Minnesota today.

Our promise to you, our clients: no matter how you feel when you enter Haven Beauty Collective, you will leave feeling beautiful. Uplifted. Empowered. 

We're Haven Beauty Collective

love, Julie +Ingrid




“From a young age, I’ve been passionate about drawing, painting, design, and beauty. This passion led me to makeup and incredible opportunities to work with names like Prince, Target, Vogue, Best Buy, and 3M. 

My career in makeup eventually brought me an even more specific art form: sculpting eyebrows. Specializing in the perfect brow brings even more gratification and fulfillment. After working with a variety of clients, I’ve discovered there was so much more depth and background aside from beauty, as to why clients want eyebrow enhancement. This can become a very intimate and vulnerable experience. Our clients share their insecurities with us, and it’s an honor to make them feel beautiful and uplifted when they leave. 

I wanted to have a place that felt like a second home not only to Ingrid and I, but our clients. With our combined expertise, the idea of combined beauty services emerged, and that’s where Haven was born!”


“I love making women feel beautiful! Over the last 14 years I have done makeup and offered my tanning services for national campaigns, celebrities, authors, directors, and producers. I love how sometimes even the smallest enhancements make people stand a little taller and smile a little wider. 

I am delighted to bring a sense of empowerment and joy to every face I touch and body I tan. Nothing makes me happier than to be sharing this experience now with the uber talented Julie Phaxay! Haven Beauty Collective has been our brain child for a long time and to finally see it come to life is like a dream come true.”


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